IconNameProfessionAttributeTypeCostActivation TimeRechargeDescriptionNotes
Eclipse FormAssassin+DervishCross-ProfessionElite Flash Enchantment Spell3 1 For 3...35...40 seconds, enemy spells cast on you fail. This enchantment ends after preventing 0...7...8 spells. (Shadow Arts + Earth Prayers)Shadow Arts increases the duration, and Earth Prayers the number of spells.
Dawn-Tipped ArrowsDervish+RangerCross-ProfessionElite Preparation5 2 24 For 5...30...33 seconds, your attack speed while using a bow cannot be reduced by hostile effects. Your bow attacks deal holy damage, strike for an additional +3...18...21 damage, and set foes casting spells on fire for 0...3...3 seconds. (Marksmanship + Scythe Mastery)Marksmanship determines the duration, and Scythe Mastery the rest.
Polar PrisonRanger+ElementalistCross-ProfessionElite Hex Spell5 1 15 For 3...8...10 seconds, target foe and all nearby foes move 90% slower. Apply Cracked Armour for 3...9...11 seconds. (Water Magic + Wilderness Survival)Water Magic determines the hex duration, and Wilderness Survival the Cracked Armour duration.
Toxic RainElementalist+NecromancerCross-ProfessionElite Spell25 2 10 Create Toxic Rain at target foe's location for 2...8...10 seconds. Each second, all foes in the area lose 0...29...33 health and are poisoned for 0...7...8 seconds. (Water Magic + Death Magic)Water Magic determines the duration, and Death Magic the health lost and poison duration.
Empathic SadismNecromancer+MesmerCross-ProfessionElite Hex Spell15 1 5 For 15 seconds, every time target foe successfully uses a skill, you steal 5...25...30 Health and 1..3...4 Energy from that foe and all adjacent foes. (Curses + Inspiration Magic).Curses determines the Health stealing and Inspiration Magic the Energy stealing.
Phantom BasherMesmer+WarriorCross-ProfessionElite Enchantment Spell5 1/4 5 Summon a level 5...18...21 Phantom Basher which deals 12...43...46 crushing damage with its attacks and has a 50% chance of knocking enemies down. (Illusion Magic + Hammer Mastery)Illusion Magic determines the duration and Hammer Mastery increases the damage. Phantom Bashers are not fleshy. They are floating hammers, and their attack rate is permanently +33%.
Koudelka's KindjalWarrior+RitualistCross-ProfessionElite Artifact Signet1 60 Your weapon is replaced by the sword Koudelka's Kindjal, which scales in damage with your Swordsmanship Attribute. Every time you use a sword attack skill, you create a Spirit Rift at the foe's location. After 3 seconds, all adjacent foes take 20...70...79 lightning damage and suffer from Cracked Armour for 3...8...9 seconds. This effect ends if you swap weapons. (Swordsmanship + Channelling).Swordsmanship determines the damage, and Channelling the damage and Cracked Armour duration. Hitting multiple foes at once does not create multiple rifts.
Spirit of ConcordanceRitualist+MonkCross-ProfessionElite Binding Ritual5 1 20 Create a level 1...18...20 Concordance Spirit which lives for 20...35...40 seconds. Every 5 seconds, if a party member has died, that party member is resurrected at Concordance Spirit's location with 50% of the spirit's current Health and 1...50...55% Energy, and the spirit loses 50% of its maximum health. (Restoration + Healing Prayers)Restoration determines the level and lifespan of the spirit, and Healing Prayers the Energy amount.
Sanctified ArrowsMonk+RangerCross-ProfessionElite Preparation5 2 24 For 12...28...32 seconds, your bow attacks deal holy damage and cannot be blocked. Your bow attack skills remove 0...1...2 conditions and 0...1...1 hexes from yourself. (Marksmanship + Smiting Prayers)Marksmanship determines the duration, and Smiting Prayers the rest.
Glory of the HuntRanger+ParagonCross-ProfessionElite Echo5 2 20 For 5...27...30 seconds, targets that you and your pet are attacking are marked. You, your pet and any other allies who successfully hit foes targeted by you and your pet in this way gain +8...18...20 Health and 1...3...3 Energy. (Beast Mastery + Motivation)Beast Mastery determines the duration, and Motivation the Health and Energy gain. You or your pet must be actively attacking the foe for them to be considered marked (auto-attacking with any weapon or using attack skills).
"I am Irresistable!"Paragon+MesmerCross-ProfessionElite Shout5 15 For 1...9...11 seconds, every time you are the target of a skill, both you and the ally or foe using the skill on you gain 1...5...6 Energy. (Command + Inspiration Magic)Command determines the duration, and Inspiration Magic the amount of energy.
Greater ConfluxMesmer+ElementalistCross-ProfessionElite Ward Spell25 1 20 Create a ward that is 10...60...70 feet wide and lasts for 30 seconds. Non-spirit allies in range gain +0...+4...+5 Energy regeneration. (Earth Magic + Inspiration Magic)Earth Magic determines the size of the ward while Inspiration Magic the amount of energy regeneration.
Obsidian SteelElementalist+WarriorCross-ProfessionElite Enchantment Spell5 2 5 For 5...55...60 seconds, target ally is enchanted with Obsidian Steel. Their attacks deal an extra +5...20...23 armour-ignoring earth damage and blind foes for 0...5...6 seconds. (Swordsmanship + Earth Magic)Swordsmanship determines the duration and Earth Magic the damage and blind duration.
Shadow StrongholdWarrior+AssassinCross-ProfessionElite Enchantment Spell10 1 30 For 3...40...45 seconds, you cannot be targeted by enemy spells and you gain +0...10...12 damage reduction. You move 50% more slowly. (Tactics + Shadow Arts)Shadow Arts increases the duration, and Tactics the damage reduction.
Spirit ShanksAssassin+RitualistCross-ProfessionElite Dual Attack5 1 5 If this attack hits, deal an additional +5...40...45 lightning damage to that foe and up to 0...3...4 adjacent foes and set them on fire for 1...3...3 seconds. This attack cannot be blocked if you are under the effects of a Weapon Spell. (Channelling + Dagger Mastery)Channelling increases the damage and burning duration, and Dagger Mastery how many foes are struck. This Dual Attack has no requisite attack.
Spiteful was SariahRitualist+DervishCross-ProfessionElite Item Spell5 3/4 20 Hold Sariah's ashes for 5...55...59 seconds. You can no longer cast spells on allies, and allies can no longer cast spells on you. Instead, you gain +1 Health and +1 Energy regeneration and your spells have an additional +10...55...60% armour penetration. (Wind Prayers + Channelling)Wind Prayers increases the duration of the item spell, and Channelling the armour penetration.
Eremitical HealingDervish+MonkCross-ProfessionElite Enchantment Spell5 1 7 Heal all party members for 10...70...80 health. Party members healed in this way move 33% faster for 3...14...15 seconds. (Healing Prayers + Wind Prayers).Healing Prayers determines the healing amount, and Wind Prayers the enchantment duration.
Order of the White DragonMonk+AssassinCross-ProfessionElite Stance5 30 For 7...37...40 seconds, you cannot use attack skills, but while using daggers, you move and attack 33% faster, your attacks deal holy damage, have +0...30...35% armour penetration, and the duration of hexes and conditions on you are reduced by 5...35...40%. (Dagger Mastery + Smiting Prayers)Dagger Mastery increases the duration and the armour penetration, while Smiting Prayers reduces hex duration.
"Murder as One!"Assassin+RangerCross-ProfessionElite Shout10 15 For 5...34...36 seconds, you and your pet attack 33% faster. Your pet's attacks are +15...80...85% more likely to be critical hits. You gain 1...3...3 Energy every time your pet lands a critical hit. (Beast Mastery + Deadly Arts)Beast Mastery determines the duration and Deadly Arts the + critical hit ratio and the energy gain.
Mating SeasonRanger+MesmerCross-ProfessionElite Nature Ritual5 3 10 Create a level 5...15....16 spirit of Mating Season which lives for 20...100...105 seconds. Every time a non-spirit creature in range attacks or uses a skill against a foe, they steal 1...3...4 Energy from that foe. (Wilderness Survival + Domination Magic)Wilderness Survival increases the duration, and Domination the amount of energy stolen
AerokinesisMesmer+DervishCross-ProfessionElite Enchantment Spell10 1 15 For 3...9...10 seconds, the next 3...10...11 times you cast a spell or use an attack skill against a foe, that foe is forcibly Shadow Stepped to a random nearby location. (Illusion Magic + Wind Prayers)Illusion Magic determines the duration and Wind Prayers the number of times it triggers before ending.
Song of the PantheonDervish+ParagonCross-ProfessionElite Echo5 1 10 For 5...22...24 seconds, target ally's spells cannot be interrupted, their attacks cannot miss, and they cannot be knocked down. This echo ends after preventing 1...5...6 interrupts, attacks missing, or knockdowns. (Motivation + Earth Prayers)Motivation affects the duration, and Earth Prayers the number of spells and attacks, and knockdowns. The total applies to any of the effects prevented, for example, preventing 3 knockdowns and 3 interrupts before ending.
GhostglaiveParagon+RitualistCross-ProfessionElite Weapon Spell5 1/4 20 For 10...29...33 seconds, your attacks with a spear are 0...30...33% faster, your spear moves twice as quickly, and your attacks cannot be blocked. (Channelling + Spear Mastery)Channelling increases the duration and Spear Mastery the attack speed.
Phantom ThiefRitualist+MesmerCross-ProfessionElite Hex Spell10 1 20 For 1...15...16 seconds, target foe suffers from -1...5...6 Energy degeneration, which you gain as Energy regeneration. This hex ends if the foe's Energy reaches zero. (Communing + Illusion Magic)Communing increases the duration, and Illusion Magic the Energy taken.
Mental OublietteMesmer+AssassinCross-ProfessionElite Hex Spell5 3/4 15 For 8...17...20 seconds, every time target foe casts a spell, that foe is knocked down and you gain 3...5...6 Energy. (Deadly Arts + Domination)Deadly Arts determines the duration and Domination the Energy gain.
Umbran GlyphAssassin+ElementalistCross-ProfessionElite Glyph5 1/4 1 The next 2...5...6 spells you cast against a foe Shadow Step you to that foe. Apply Blindness and Cracked Armour on that target for 5...12...15 seconds. The spell cast counts as an Offhand Attack. (Shadow Arts + Air Magic)Shadow Arts affects the number of spells, and Air Magic the duration of the blindness.
ConversionElementalist+MonkCross-ProfessionElite Enchantment Spell25 1 1 10 While you maintain this enchantment, spells you cast which target a foe activate and recharge 1...9...10% faster, and 30...95...100% of the fire damage you deal is converted to holy damage. This conversion takes place before armour consideration. (Smiting Prayers + Fire Magic)Fire Magic improves the casting time and recharge bonuses. Smiting Prayers determines the conversion ratio. If the ratio is less than 100%, the fire damage packet is split into two, the holy portion being armour ignoring and the fire portion continuing to consider armour. At 100%, all of the fire damage becomes armour ignoring holy damage. This effect applies to all fire damage dealt by the user including weapon attacks and non-spell skills.
Dwayna's RefrainMonk+ParagonCross-ProfessionElite Echo5 1 10 For 10...20...25 seconds, a hex and a condition are removed from target ally once every 20...11...10 seconds. Dwayna's Refrain is renewed every time a shout or chant ends on that ally. (Motivation + Healing Prayers)Motivation affects the duration, and Healing Prayers the hex and condition removal frequency.
Exemplar's PostureParagon+WarriorCross-ProfessionElite Stance1 10 For 5...48...50 seconds, you move and attack 10...33...33% faster. Hostile effects which reduce your chance to hit with attacks are 25...70...75% less effective. (Tactics, Command)Tactics determines the stance duration and speed. Command improves your chance to hit, counteracting the effects of Blind and Reckless Haste. This includes self-inflicted Blindness. However, it does not affect enemy blocking.
Blade of BloodWarrior+NecromancerCross-ProfessionElite Enchantment Spell5% 1/4 1 For 5...40...44 seconds, your sword attacks steal 1...15...16 health. You gain an additional 1...15...16 health with every successful attack. You gain adrenaline 100% faster. (Blood Magic + Swordsmanship)Blood Magic determines the duration, while swordsmanship the amount of health stolen and gained.
"Bathe in their Blood!"Necromancer+ParagonCross-ProfessionElite Shout5 20 For 13 seconds, the attacks of all allies in earshot inflict bleeding for 1...8...9 seconds and do an extra +3...18...20 damage against bleeding foes. (Blood Magic + Command)Blood Magic determines the bleeding duration and Command the damage.
Death ChantParagon+AssassinCross-ProfessionElite Chant5 1 10 For 10 seconds, the next attack skill used by party members in range is +0...98...100% more likely to be a critical hit, cannot miss, and deals an extra +5...25...30 damage. If any party members deal fatal damage with the affected attack skill, all of their attack skills are recharged. (Deadly Arts + Command)Deadly Arts increases the critical hit chance, and Command the extra damage dealt.
Mark of MurderAssassin+NecromancerCross-ProfessionElite Hex Spell5 1/4 10 Shadow Step to target foe. For 0...7...9 seconds, this foe cannot block, moves 50% slower, suffers -5...10...12 armour and receives -5...30...35% less benefit from healing. This counts as an offhand attack. (Deadly Arts + Death Magic)Deadly Arts increases the duration of the hex, while Death Magic increases the armour and healing penalties.
Extinction EventNecromancer+RangerCross-ProfessionElite Nature Ritual5 3 20 Create a level 1...9...10 Extinction Event Spirit which lives for 10...50...55 seconds. Every time a creature in range dies, all adjacent creatures lose 0...3...3% of their current health. (Wilderness Survival + Death Magic)Wilderness Survival increases the level and lifespan of the spirit, and Death Magic the health lost.
Spirits of the WoodRanger+RitualistCross-ProfessionElite Spell5 1 3 If cast on a living ally, that ally is healed for 40...140...150 health and is cured of a condition. If cast on a dead party member, that party member is resurrected with 1...15...20% Health and 1...15...20% Energy, and this spell is disabled for 10 seconds. (Restoration + Wilderness Survival)Restoration determines the amount healed, and Wilderness Survival the Health and Energy of a resurrected party member.
TwilightningRitualist+ElementalistCross-ProfessionElite Enchantment Spell10 1 20 For 5...65...70 seconds, you are enchanted with Twilightning. Every 2 seconds, a random foe in earshot is struck for a random amount of lightning damage between 5...20...25 and 10...77...82 damage. This spell has 25% armour penetration. (Air Magic + Channelling)Channelling determines the duration and Air Magic the damage.
StormmasterElementalist+DervishCross-ProfessionElite Enchantment Spell10 5 1/4 20 For 1...28...33 seconds, spells you cast which deal either lightning or cold damage create a Storm at the target's location. The Storm lasts for 2 seconds per every 5 points of the spell's base Energy cost and strikes all nearby foes for 5...25...30 cold damage per second. (Wind Prayers + Air Magic)Wind Prayers affects the duration, and Air Magic the cold damage. Casting a spell which fits the criteria and has no target (e.g. Grenth's Fingers) creates the Storm at the user's location. If a spell meets this criteria and has a base cost below 5 (e.g. Mystic Twister), the Storm will last for 2 seconds.
Avatar of the NightDervish+NecromancerCross-ProfessionElite Form5 2 20 For 3...85...90 seconds, the limit on the number of undead minions you can control is increased by 2...6...7. (Wind Prayers + Death Magic)Wind Prayers increases the duration of the form, while Death Magic the number of minions.
Animate Bone PriestNecromancer+MonkCross-ProfessionElite Spell15 3 20 Exploit the nearest corpse to animate a level 1...23...24 Bone Priest which has access to 1...8...8 Protection Prayers spells. You may only control one Bone Priest at a time. (Death Magic + Protection Prayers).Death Magic determines the level and Protection Prayers the spells available. The spells available (in order) are: Reversal of Fortune, Shielding Hands, Shield of Absorption, Dismiss Condition, Reverse Hex, Paraclete's Invitation, Shield of a Goddess, and Way of the Eightfold Path at 12+ Protection Prayers. The Bone Priest does not attack and avoids combat, instead only casting spells on allies.
Fading JusticeMonk+WarriorCross-ProfessionElite Enchantment Spell1 3/4 10 For 10...45...49 seconds, while you are wielding a sword and no shield or other offhand item, you are immune to blindness, and every time you hit a foe with a sword, you deal an additional +5...33...37 holy damage for every hex spell that foe has equipped. (Swordsmanship + Smiting Prayers)Swordsmanship determines the duration and Smiting Prayers the damage.
Huntsman's AxeWarrior+RangerCross-ProfessionElite Axe Attack5 4 Strike target foe for an additional 8...26...29 damage. If that foe was suffering from a condition, inflict Deep Wound and Poison for 1...9...11 seconds. This attack has an additional 20% armour penetration. (Axe Mastery + Wilderness Survival)Axe Mastery determines the damage and Wilderness Survival the condition duration.
Whirling CleaveDervish+WarriorCross-ProfessionElite Melee Attack3 1 Strike all adjacent foes for +3...18...21 damage. Foes struck in this way suffer from Deep Wound for 3...12...14 seconds. (Scythe Mastery + Axe Mastery)Scythe Mastery determines the damage, and Axe Mastery the Deep Wound duration.
Condemn SoulNecromancer+RitualistCross-ProfessionElite Hex Spell10 1 20 For 1...8...10 seconds, target foe loses 1...4...5% of their current health every second. This hex can only target fleshy foes. (Curses + Communing)Curses determines the duration, and Communing the health lost.
Mantra of PurityMesmer+MonkCross-ProfessionElite Enchantment Spell5 1 12 For 50...12...7 seconds, this enchantment does nothing. When Mantra of Purity ends, you and all adjacent allies are healed for 30...90...110 Health, gain 0...6...7 Energy and are cured of 0...3...3 hexes and 0...3...3 conditions. (Inspiration Magic + Healing Prayers)Inspiration Magic determines the duration, and Healing Prayers the rest.
Trident of Zhu HanakuElementalist+ParagonCross-ProfessionElite Spear Attack4 3 Strike target foe for an additional +5...26...30 cold damage and interrupt them. Foes casting spells interrupted in this way are knocked down. This attack also strikes up to 1...4...5 extra adjacent foes. (Spear Mastery + Water Magic)Spear Mastery determines the bonus damage, and Water Magic how many foes are struck. Similar to Barrage, this attack launches multiple projectiles on multiple targets, each one can miss, be blocked etc.